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Design Ecologies Symposium at Architectural Association

I will be giving a paper at the Design Ecologies Symposium at the Architectural Association, London, on February 4th. The line up for the day is as follows:

Design Ecologies: The Unprimed Canvas

1030  Ideation

Kate Davies and Shaun Murray

1100  Ecological Design Visions

Visionary thinking on methodologies of communicating an architecture along with new models and ecological contribution.

Shaun Murray (Eniatype, London)

Jon Goodbun (University of Westminster, London)

Timothy Morton (UC Davies, California)

1200  Notational Design Visions

Notational systems within architectural education used as a communication tool have made the composition of architecture an activity like the composition of fiction: the activity of communication.

Mathew Emmett

Kate Davies/ Emmanuel Vercruysse (Liquid Factory)

Bastian Glaessner (Lynn Fox, Blink productions)

Coffee Break

1330  Instructional Design Visions

There are many kinds of relationships between participant and environment within context, design and communication. An extremely important one is who communicates with whom and who instructs whom.

Benedict Singleton

Kjell Yngve Petersen (IT Copenhagen)

Felix Robbins (Make Architects, London)

1430  Aesthetical Design Visions

Aesthetic experience is one of the most common ways to value our environment. Whether it is having a walk in the park, cycling through a country lane, or just sitting in your garden, we can appreciate the aesthetic qualities. We could go on to say that we should be developing environmental sensitivity through aesthetic experience.

Claudia Westermann

James Moore (University of Falmouth)

Bruce McLean (Bruce Mclean, London)

1530  Discussion

Through original design exploration, this symposium proffers a critical vision towards the built environment. These conceptions challenge the everyday education of architectural design by offering a transdisciplinary framework for design production.

1700  Book launch and drinks

To subscribe to the peer-reviewed Design Ecologies Journal, please go to the following link: http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals/view-Journal,id=197/

For more information please contact: info@eniatype.com

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